Brisbane RV - John Cochrane Advertising
 JCA has been involved with Brisbane RVs from very early on in their inception over 10 years ago, and has an intimate knowledge of their skills and expertise. JCA after many years of watching others handle their website was able to complete a much needed overhaul of it along with bring their tired brand and marketing material into the now. The knowledge that JCA has of the client assisted to develop a highly functional website that informs, educates and builds credibility for the business and the brand. 

The existing Brisbane RVs website had limited functionality and was dated in both design and content. JCA was commissioned to start ‘with a clean sheet of paper’ and build a new site that would put the organisation clearly in front of their competitors, allow for easy navigation for users, and allow for constant updating by selective Brisbane RVs personnel through a comprehensive user-friendly content management system (CMS).

After extensive and continuous discussions on the needs of Brisbane RVs we were able to created a clear and strong brand with a website and marketing material that included, logo design, presentation folders, business cards, in-store promotional material, site banners, product logos and material, Supershow printed material, web design and web development.