Social Media Marketing

Phone in hand, tablet in bag and a computer at the desk, social media is everywhere. You can't afford not to be engaged.

Which social media platforms are right for you?

We know that advertising on social media is a great way to increase your brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, increase inbound traffic and of course nurture potential targeted leads. Yes, the benefits swing many ways! But where do you start? At JCA we look at your objectives and your target audience and match them with the right social media platforms.


Social media - John Cochrane Advertising
Social media - John Cochrane Advertising
Instagram & Facebook ares our friends?

Every day, Facebook users are sharing billions of posts, publishing millions of tweets and more photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram than I want to count. This is where we can pull potential customers to your business, even if it’s just concentrated on a small piece of it. Your JCA Media Manager will develop your content strategy and can even publish and share your content to ensure maximum reach.


Our Solution

Facebook offers a range of opportunities for your business. It can engage and grow your existing community and with billions of users a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can reach a larger, yet targeted, audience. It's the capacity and control of Facebook advertising that makes it a powerful tool in the social media treasure trove. You'l reach the right people through precise targeting. Whether that location, demographics, interest or behaviour. With better strategy, comes better performance.
Video works. It's effective and efficient and it delivers your message straight to your audience. YouTube is video marketing. It's all a little bit exciting, don't you think! It's not just about watching a video it's about reaching a target advertising along with effective paid and organise search and power content control. YouTube can help with brand awareness, engagement with your company, encourage click thoughts to your website, gain enquiries and eventually conversions. YouTube, more importantly, has a notable impact on your SEO. Why? Because Video, which is rich in media content is a core ranking factor in search engine algorithms. It's a WIN WIN!!!!
Build your brand and specifically target your audience. Twitter is like a mini blog site but millions of messages are posted every day which means your audience can get to know your brand up close and personal. Create a strong call to action and build a community of loyal brand followers.
Social media - John Cochrane Advertising