Landing Page

Landing pages allow businesses to attract a specific audience, deliver a personalised experience. Our landing pages are proven to help companies stand out against their competition and are a cost-effective way to generate more qualified traffic, better conversions, and measurable ROI.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page specifically created, written and developed with one business objective in mind. It is built for one single conversion objective.  Essentially this means that there are three reason to create a landing page; to direct sales, lead generation and relationship building.

Landing Page John Cochrane Advertising.
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How landing pages work with AdWords

Conversions are the goal of every digital marketing campaign. Google AdWords allows you to appear at the the top of highly targeted keywords searches. By separating your potential website customers into areas where you talk their language you have a better chance of turning someone into a customer.

Customers, data and landing pages

The key to getting your landing page working, is data and customer identifications no matter where you're sales journey is at. JCA can create a customer avatars or by using other strategies we can create a landing page were the right audience and/or products can be targeted.



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