Website Contact Forms

Not Receiving Notifications?

Website Contact Forms

Having a contact or enquiry form on your website is crucial if you want to engage with your customers. Having contact/enquiry forms on every page of your website is also helpful for your customers so they can get in contact with you at any point when navigating your website.

If you’re not receiving notifications/emails that a potential customer has sent, there’s a couple of ways you can check it:

  1. First item to check: Has the correct email address been embedded into the form and has it been typed correctly?
  2. Check your junk mail folder, sometimes notifications are sent there. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, click on the email notification and mark it not as junk so that it doesn’t appear in your junk mail folder.
  3. Check that you are receiving mail? It could mean that your mailbox is full or there is an issue with the mail server. If you aren’t receiving any mail, check with your mail server.
  4. If you have access to the cPanel and you are confident that you know your way around it, log in and access the MX Entry. Check the email routing to see what it is set to and if there is an MX record. If there is an MX record present and the mail is handled by a remote server, you need to change it to remote instead of local. See if that fixes the problem.

Always test that the form is working, even if it’s been working, it is still important to always check that it is working. Sometimes things go astray and it’s worthwhile to test it.

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