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Most Australians, regardless of age, continue to watch broadcast TV

According to the Australian Viewing Video Report, most Australians, regardless of age, continue to watch broadcast TV: around 20 million Australians – that’s more than 82 per cent of people in metered markets – watch free-to-air and/or subscription TV channels each week.

Traditionally, younger people have been relatively light TV viewers compared to their older counterparts: they are out and about more often, and less tied to the home and family responsibilities. For some of these consumers the ability to watch video ‘on the go’ actually creates more time to view, and contributes to the relatively high time young adults spend watching video on portable connected devices.

It should be noted that TV content viewed in this way is additional to what’s reported in OzTAM and Regional TAM TV ratings. As people settle down, start families and spend more time at home though, their TV viewing levels tend to rise – whether co-viewing with their children, a partner or solo.
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