Twitter Rolling Out Pre-Roll Ads

Twitter Pre Roll Ads
Text based social media to expand video ads

As we have previously reported Twitter has been diving headlong into the video and live streaming world, stating, “For us, it’s really about being the best at live [streaming]”

Now that video is the most successful revenue generating ad format, Twitter has revealed that they will be expanding their pre-roll ad availability. This is good news for marketers looking to connect more effectively with their audience, as in-stream video ad campaigns are reported to be quite effective.

According to global Nielsen Brand Effect data, compared to other ad forms, in-stream video ads are 60% more effective for campaign recall, 30% more effective for brand awareness, and can generate a 5% increase on purchase intent! (Compared to audience not subjected to video stream ads.)

Compared to general online browsing, research suggests 31% of people will more likely remember what they see on Twitter, making this a new digital campaign element to seriously consider.
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