Twitter Has Plateaued

The most recent data would suggest that Twitter has plateaued for a consecutive quarter at 328 million users.
Twitter revenue isn’t doing as well either with quarter 2 dropping $126 million from quarter 4 of 2016. User growth has been stationary over the last two years has been quoted as being the cause for the recent decline in revenue. Though Twitter has stated that daily active users have grown by 12% last year, they do not favour posting any hard numbers on total daily active users, leaving some analysists a bit sceptical. With the addition of 9 million users last quarter, investors had hoped to see a significant upswing through the year, which no longer appears to be the case. Twitter stock has dropped 6% since the announcement and whether it recovers depends solely on the creativity of the company and how they can spur more engagement from existing users. Time will tell.
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