Top 10 Social Media Tips

  1. Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

Create a social media plan for 12 months.  Segment up the plan into months with seasonal activities or months where you know there’s an event, special or sale that you usually run for that month.  Once you have the plan, social media is about testing and evaluating your strategy regularly.

  1. What platform should I use?

There’s a list of platforms to use and not every one of them will be suitable for your business.  The most popular platforms are:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You might find that several of the above list might be the best for your business, or maybe just the one platform is enough.

  1. Who is your audience?

Get to know who your audience is.  What age are they? What do they like to do? What is their average income. Collect this data and use it to develop the ideal customer that you want to target.

  1. Don’t talk about yourself all the time

There’s an 80/20 rule known as the Pareto Principle which recommends that 80 percent of your social media posts should be content created where you will engage with your customer. The other 20 percent is your advertising content.

  1. Use Pictures, infographics or video

The integration of visual content in your social media posts is relatively simple. Just make sure the visuals are relevant to the content of both the post and your audience. Check out our blog post on cinemagraphy

  1. Don’t post across multi channels for the sake of it.

Provide your target group of customers with added value and you will see your engagement rise. If you have analysed where your customers are, then you already know which platform/s their using.

  1. Podcasts

Have you thought about using podcasts as part of your social media strategy? People are listening to media in transit. Long dwell times in cars and public transport means they have more time to consume content.  Podcasts are really easy to access and can be downloaded and listened to from their phone.  Google are also bringing podcasts to google search too. If you’re interested in podcasts, we have a studio at JCA headquarters where we can assist in recording and editing your podcast. GET IN CONTACT

  1. Social media advertising

If you’re having difficulty in gaining quality leads, you may wish to turn to social media advertising to turn your visitors into leads and customers.  You can follow any of the social media platforms “how to advertise”. We have a blog post here that discusses what google display advertising is.

  1. Social media remarketing

Remarketing, on average will boost your engagement by 3 times and increase your conversion rates by 2 times. It’s really important to include this in your social media plan.

  1. Don’t post because you have time

Don’t post across your social media platform just because you have time.  Your followers may not be online when you are posting.  Have a look at your data and when your customers are online and work out the ideal days and times that you should be posting and schedule your posts.

Social media is still an awesome way to connect and engage with your customers, however, what worked a few years ago doesn’t work anymore.  It’s important to stay up-to-date with social media algorithms and changes so that you can maximise your social traffic and leads.

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