Taking pride in production

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The Directory is a substantial project for JCA that consumes most of our days from August to February, when the final deliveries are completed by the printers.

The collation of data to the final proofs stage is always a precision focus process with our designers working fastidiously over every millimetre of the Directory to ensure it is as accurate and well designed as humanly possible.

Over Feb 1, 2 and 3, John himself goes interstate to check the pages of the Directory on the printing presses.
Press checks are not that simple, for starters they are often at early hours during the day or night. This press check took place at 2am on a Monday morning. It’s a rare event to have a press check that’s at a convenient time when the job is as the Directory. We’re used to it.

With the proof sheets laid out under controlled lighting to replicate sunlight. They can be reviewed and once signed off, print production can continue. These checks take place for every plate change, as the directory is so big, it has to be printed in sections. It takes 8-12 hours per section, and the constant checks mean that the final result is fantastic.

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