Pokemon Go and Brands


Before you go rushing off to join the hype of the game for your brand, you may wish to think about it first.

Many brands have already thought about ways to get involved, however brands and Pokemon GO game need to be very careful for the game to not become too brandy.

You need to be careful that you immerse yourself seamlessly into the game as users will see it as being inauthentic.

Overseas brands such as Walmart already use Pokemon GO characters to lure customers in store, using social to drive players to their locations, and Australia is not falling behind, with many local brands jumping on the social-gaming bandwagon.

That’s not to say it’s not an opportunity for brands, but the last thing people want is a mobile banner blocking the game. This would do brands more harm than good. It’s important for seamless brand integration for e.g. Nike including it’s runners or a branded backpack, but it needs to be authentic. It’s all about not offending the user as they will see your brand as opportunistic.

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