Play the right music

Handing over Credit Card
Play the right music? Really?

A study by Curtin University Professor Adrian North has found that playing music that was stereotypically French led to consumers buying five times more French wine than they had previously. Did you hear that correctly - 5 times! The key, North explained, was that the right music could make what was a 50/50 decision into a 51/49 decision—in other words, just enough to get the consumer to the counter with French wine in one hand and a credit card in the other.

The above example is explicit so what if you’re a retailer, a spare parts store? Playing French music isn’t going to entice your customers to purchase your items (unless of course you do stock French spare parts?) You must choose your music carefully. In a recent quantitative survey, 86% of all people surveyed believe that music makes the shopping experience more enjoyable, while 64% of millennials (25-34 year olds) would rather shop in-store than online if the right mood or atmosphere is created. 72% of those surveyed (and a mighty 87% of millennials) stated that if a store plays music they like, they feel it is a brand they can relate to and connect with.

So how does one organize the right playlist? Take a look at your brand and what mood and position does it identify with? What are your consumer’s personalities? Are they accustomed, or risk-taking? Use what data you have at your disposal to make the most appropriate guesses. For example, Toys”R”Us uses playlists that need to appeal to both children and the adult who has taken them shopping. The playlist created is of upbeat songs with half the songs appealing to adults and the rest appealing to children. Have a look at your buyer behavior that the music needs to encourage and the levels of traffic that your store/s have at different times, which may mean having a different playlist for morning and afternoon/night. Today, with consumers having music on the go, wherever they go, an FM radio station piped in over the speakers isn’t enough to evoke a memorable shopping trip. Instead an understanding of your brand’s personality and approach can complement the customers’ experience.

Want more sales? Play the right music.
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