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If you run a local business, advertising on Google Maps is a powerful way to attract nearby customers.

Ads on Google Maps make it easy for people to contact, find, and make their way to your business location.

Local search ads on Google Maps for desktop

Google Maps shows search ads in two places: within the search results list beneath the search box, and on the map. Ad locations appear on the map with a purple icon and business name.

If someone clicks the purple icon or your ad in the search box, your ad will expand to show details about your business. Your ad may also have a Directions button, so someone can easily get directions to your business.

Local search ads on Google Maps for mobile

When someone performs a search in Google Maps for mobile app, search ads are eligible to appear as one of the listed results below the search box and map. A purple icon showing the location of your business will also appear on the map.

The ad may also feature a Call button and a Directions button. People can tap the ad to view more information about your business, like store hours and customer reviews.

For further info, visit: Google’s map page

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