Instagram Stories – The how to for your brand



If you have a brand presence already on Instagram but the thought of using Instagram stories for your brand gives you some indigestion, below are some tips you might find useful:

1. Don’t share information that your viewers aren’t interested in or they don’t get value from.

Valuable may mean sharing the top tip of the day for your brand and/or product. It could also mean sharing with your viewers a new service that you’re about to launch

  • Ask yourself WHO are you posting this for? What segment of your audience does it make sense for? If you can’t find a segment of your audience who cares, then don’t post it.
  • Try for 70/30 (value vs. your own promo) – share your puppy, then share a topic, share a hack for getting to the outdoors more often, share a super great camp recipe you just made.


2. Not adapting to the medium of Insta Stories

Every single communication on your IG stories should be valuable and quick.
Think about yourself on IG stories. When someone is just talking about something for like 5 snaps, what do you do? Click next, next, next to get through it.
If you have something longer to say, maybe Insta Stories isn’t the place to do it. Test out YouTube, test Instagram 60 second video. Try something new with different content formats.

3. Do brand your Insta

I really believe this next part needs to feel NATURAL and ORGANIC. Don’t force something that’s not there.
But what really takes an Instagram Stories game from Level 1 to Level 5 real quick is branding your Insta.
Create a cute little segment that’s fun and fits with the brand. Give it an actual name.

  • Create a simple + cute cover photo for the story series
  • Do it daily, every other day, or some kind of set-ish schedule
  • It lets your audience know you’re committed to your Insta. You’re not going to go dark for months.
  • Just be real…if you get different coffee every day, make your branded story “Addicts: The Coffee Edition” and every day share a pic + the recipe/order of what you got.
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