Facebook Stories – Add it to your social media management

Why You Should Add It Into Your Social Media Management

Facebook Story Advertising

Roughly half of Instagram’s 1 billion users now use Instagram Stories every day. That 500 million daily user count is up from 400 million in June 2018. 2 million advertisers are now buying Stories ads across Facebook’s properties.

Similar to Instagram Stories, Page Stories allow you to share content that represents your brand or business directly from your mobile device. While there are some differences, Page Stories are a way to engage your audience in a more frequent, authentic and casual way to develop greater connections.

Stories let you share pictures and short video that bring your audience on a journey from start to finish for anything you might be working on or experiencing. This shares with your followers a meaningful look at your business.

Page Stories appear at the top of News Feed in a highly visible area. Users can also view your Page story by tapping on your mobile page's profile picture.

Benefits of Stories

There are several benefits of adding stories to your social media management:

  • Share more often: It's common for businesses to assess how frequently they should post to their Page. If you've already shared content to your Page or are currently running a Page ad, creating a Page story can help you become more active and engaging with your audience by providing a different type of media to enjoy and connect with.
  • Humanise your business: You'll want your Page to come across as friendly and accessible, and stories can help people get to know you and your business better. Stories allow you to share more personal and relatable content because stories often include the fun, fleeting moments that bind everyone together.
  • Reach people consistently: When anyone in your audience misses a post, when they log on to Facebook, your story will be visible to them at the top of their newsfeed. It's a great way to reengage a passive audience and bring updates to your entire audience in a dynamic way. You'll be able to see the number of people that watch your Stories at any point while it's live.

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