Facebook Stories go Public


You can now choose your Facebook story to be public rather than sharing your stories through your approved friends and family but only if you allow public followers. As for if and when Pages will be able to post Stories, Facebook advises “For Pages – no specific timing to share as yet.”

The Public setting found in your dashboard now offers the ability to enable another audience of followers to view your content.

Allowing for the Public sharing of Stories, Facebook has broadened the reach of their average user and created potential to foster internet celebrity similar to those of Instagram and Snapchat.
Found within the “More” section and opening “Edit Story Settings,” simply switch “Friends” to “Public.”

Stories captured within the previous 24 hours can be made visible to followers both private and public.

Facebook and Instagram Stories currently share roughly 500 million daily users, significantly larger than Snapchat’s 166 million daily users.

Now that we have all four major social media platforms presenting the same public reach possibilities, the future for content creation via video or photo will see greater brand connection with their followers.

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