Facebook Page Optimization

Ten Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Opimisation

So you’ve created your Facebook business page, you’ve got friends as your followers but there’s still low engagement.

Here are some tips to ensure that your Facebook business page is set up correctly for your consideration

1. Profile Picture

has your profile picture been uploaded with the correct dimensions, and does it reflect your business? This is important and you should use your logo or a picture that best reflects your business. Make sure it is readable when it is reduced for the newsfeed.

2. Add a Cover Photo — or Video!

This is the most impactful and the largest image for your business page.  Feel free to change this, rearrange this, update it as often as you like. Check out our facebook page here to view our facebook cover video. Add a description to your cover photo or cover video and add in any links that are relevant to your customers. This will show up in your newsfeed

3. Properly Fill Out Your 'About' Section

This is key to ensuring you appear in any facebook searches. Is your long paragraph in the about section titled “Story” filled out correctly? Use this to add in any extra information and add in any links that you think will be relevant to your customers. Use keywords that your customers might search for.

4. Website Link

Make sure your website link appears on your facebook page in the about and similarly your website should also have a link back to your facebook page.

5. Categorise

Is the category that you’ve chosen for your business Facebook page the right one?

6. Facebook URL

Does your Facebook business page have it’s own unique URL? For example, facebook create a generic URL for your business page and you have the ability to personalise it. Ensure that the numbers are removed from your facebook page and that your page is called what your business name is https://www.facebook.com/JohnCochraneAdvertising.JCA/ Please note: you can only create a business facebook page name once!

7. CTA

Does your page have a call to action button which is located at the top of the page? Choose the one that is the right one for your business.

8. Services or Retail?

Does your Facebook page sell products or does it provide services? If you sell products you can click on this link which shows you how to set up your shop. If you provide services, click on this link which shows you how to set up your Facebook business page to showcase the services you provide.

9. Pin your posts

If you’ve created content on your Facebook business page that you think your customers will want to see as soon as they land on your page, then you can pin your posts.

10. Video

Of course, we are all aware of how strongly Google and Facebook rank videos. This is why we offer the service of Instagram stories and Facebook stories. You can shoot any video from your phone, email it to us and we’ll create a video for you to post to your stories. Email us here if you’re interested: info@johncochraneadvertising.com

11. Playlists (We're a generous bunch!)

Create video playlists – you can sort your videos into playlists instead of having them all as a list in date order. You put in your title and description.

Let us know if we can assist you with your Facebook business page.

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