Facebook Live – just got longer


Facebook live lets you connect with the people who care most. Your followers can receive notifications when you go live so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time.

As part of a recent update, Facebook live allows a longer duration of up to 4 hours instead of the previous 2 hours.

People love watching video, which is why Facebook built a dedicated place to watch this engaging content. While your current fans will be able to keep up here and in News Feed, the experience will help new followers discover you too.

Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going.

With creative tools like filters, it’s easy to express yourself in ways that delight your followers and make it even more fun.

If you have an event, sale or other upcoming campaign feel free to drop us a line here.  We’d love to assist you in your Facebook Live Stream.

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