Email Marketing – It’s so cost effective

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell your products or get your brand message seen by your customers. They are, after all, your target market.

Email Lists

You can segment your customer database into certain categories. For example, if you have a product that you know your existing customer/s are coming up to for renewal or upgrading, you can send an email to them specifically with the upgrade/or renewal offer. It’s important to remember to make the action that you want them to take super easy.

Put Yourself in the Customers Shoes

Try being a customer who is engaging with your brand via email marketing. Have you made the whole process easy? Do the share buttons, purchase buttons, click here buttons work and are they redirecting to the correct page?

Landing Page Experience

It’s equally important that your click-through landing page specifically relates to the content that you have sent via email.

Email Design

Email design is so important and makes such a difference. The layout needs to be clean and easy to read across all devices.

Constant checking and refreshing of their inbox at all hours of the day, email marketing remains the most effective ways of engaging with your customers who are ready to buy.

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