E-Commerce Marketing – An Overview

E-Commerce Marketing

There are so many e-commerce marketing ways to driving traffic to the sales funnel to convert them into a customer.

Organic traffic vs SEO, adding facebook and google ads and remarketing to the mix, looking at paid and non-paid strategies, all with one goal in mind: Conversion.

If you’re not actively promoting your online shop through online and traditional means, your shop will most certainly go unnoticed.

If possible, hire an agency.

The time and heartache taken to try and get your head around where to start can be better spent elsewhere. If you’re an established business and have your marketing plan together, consider contracting an agency.

Look at your products and your team

Take a look at your products and assess them to ensure that they are top products. Take a look at your team to ensure that they are more than capable and are providing excellent customer service.

E-Commerce Marketing Infographic

Attract: Enticing potential customers with your offer
Interest: Heightening the customer’s interest in the offer
Want: Making the customer really want what you’re offering
Conversion: Closing the deal and taking the offer
Retention: Restarting the process with enticing the customer with yet another offer

Have a look through your data and examine where your customers come from, what time they purchase, what device they use. Then use that information to fine-tune your strategy even further.

2019 E-Commerce Marketing

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