Drone Photography – Consider it for your next project

Mertricon Stadium Drone Footage

Gone are the days of hiring a helicopter and having the cameraman hang out the side of the chopper to get those overhead flying shots, which incidentally used to be shot on 32mm film.

One of the most exciting developments in photography has been the introduction of drones.

Australia has rules to follow, and while they can’t all be mentioned here, usually they are along the lines of applying for an aviation reference number and then letting Civil Aviation Safety Authority know when you intend to fly by using their online notification form.

What are the benefits of aerial photography?

Visually, this type of photography is extremely appealing to the eye and easy to watch. Whether it’s branding, a tour of your business or product overview, adding drone photography to your video must be considered.

Check out how we used drone footage for this video below. Contact us if you’re interested in putting a video together. We create truly wonderful results in all cases for our clients.

2019 Video

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