Display Advertising – What is it?

What is Display Advertising?

Online Display Advertising

Display advertising is the animated and static ads, or video ads that are published on third-party websites that allow ads.

Display advertising is different to search because these particular ads are targeting you. This is done either through remarketing or because your IP address has been tagged as you showing interest in a particular product whilst surfing the net.

Through display advertising, your ads have the opportunity to be seen worldwide (if you choose to). It is also a fantastic way to showcase your offer through clicks, conversions, and sales but also you can use this method of advertising to build brand awareness.

Consider remarketing to be your mate at the pub who won’t let you go home without having another beer. These ads work wonders to bring your customer back to your brand as a reminder that your offer still stands.

When all the moving parts of a display campaign are spot on, the results are outstanding. According to the latest GroupM biannual ad spend forecast report, Australia’s ad spend in 2018 was on track to reach $16.5 billion, an increase of 5.6 percent year-on-year. Display advertising for 2018 was $3.3 billion, reflecting YOY growth of 16 percent.

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