Digital Marketing is Changing

Use More Channels for a More Effective Campaign

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Digital marketing is moving to an omni-channel approach which now you need to be looking at pay-per-click, SEO, content marketing, Social media, banner ads etc etc. The more channels you use, the better off you’re going to be.

Search is moving to voice search. By 2020 half the searches through google will be through voice search. If you want to do well, you need to leverage voice search and you can do this  by making sure of the following:

  • Is your website https because most websites on page 1 are https
  • Does your website load fast
  • When people are searching, they are generally typing in longer search terms so therefore your answers need to be short and to the point
  • Conversion optimisation – advertising online is getting more expensive and it’s not going change. The more you optimise your landing page/s the more you can gain conversions.
  • Leveraging sales funnels – looking at:
    • Up selling
    • Down selling
    • Cross sales
    • Lifetime value of the customer
  • Content marketing - creating amazing original content for your customers
  • Video content – is the future. People want to view content through video
  • Podcasting is taking over. 45% of people listening to podcasts have an average wage of $75,000/ year. Everyone is on their devices, why not create content that they can listen to whilst they’re commuting to work.

We have a studio here at JCA headquarters for anyone wishing to record their video content or podcasting content. Get in touch with us today 07 3284 0447.

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