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Customer engagement and social media reviews
So Much more than positive interactions

Creating your customer experience has grown to be so much more than simply ensuring a positive experience by your customers. With social media enabling conversations, reviews and sharing of material, the consumer pushes brand reputation. As a result, brand image is now a holistic methodology, and is the direct outcome of the customers’ experience. In a world where the most customer-obsessed companies win, management teams and boards everywhere are realising that delighted customers can fuel growth and discouraged customers can drive market share loss and shrinking financial returns.

New research suggests that companies are realising customer experience as the new arena for competition. The proof of this is a marked shift in emphasis and spending; Gartner’s research included predictions that 50 per cent of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations.

Customer experience is more than just those five-stars. It is your point of difference for market share. With the customer and their experience becoming more vital to a business, some management teams are creating a customer experience management platform to assist in the overall brand experience.
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