Content Marketing – What is it?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Definition: marketing that tries to attract customers by distributing informational content potentially useful to the target audience, rather than by advertising products and services in the traditional way.

Think of content marketing as a means to educate your customers by providing them with accurate and unbiased sources of information. Any information that you think your customers can use to improve their lives, either personally or professionally, consider this to be content marketing.

It’s imperative that content marketing isn’t used to overly self-promote your brand because people know when they are being marketed to. Instead, content marketing should be educational and therefore your customers become loyal to the brand because you are seen to be a worthy and valuable source of information.

Content marketing can include free books to download, videos, articles, blog posts, new items, brochures, newsletters. It can elevate your brand above your competitors, you’ve just got to figure out what you can provide to make your brand stand out.

2019 Content Marketing

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