BTS – Voice Over Commercial

Here’s a behind the scenes look at what it’s like in the voice over studio getting direction from the creative team.  As you will see the talent becomes more and more confused by the direction of nailing the correct tone, feel and emotion.

It also shows the creative team trying to get across their direction for the tone and emotion which becomes more and more ridiculous.

The film was made by Hog Butcher, a content creation company made up of improvisers, comedians and writers from Chicago institutions including Second City, IO and the Annoyance Theater. Hog Butcher is led by veteran Chicago adman Ron Lazzeretti.

Production company One at Optimus and post house Optimus produced, edited and finished the film.

Writer, Director: Tim Mason
Director of Photography: Sam DiGiovanni
Executive Producer: Lisa Masseur
Producer: Emma Jubinski
Second Camera: Myles Green
Audio Mixer, Gaffer: Parker Warf
Editor: Mike Berg

Post Producer: Gretchen Praeger
Assistant Editor: Ben Winter
Audio Desig, Mix: Ben Treimer
Color: Ron Sudul
Color Assistant: Alex Frankland
Music: Julie B. Nichols

Cast: Beth Melewski, Sue Salvi, Megan Kellie, Cayne Collier, Ed Flynn

We hope you enjoy!  If you’re after any voice over work for either radio or tv, we’ve got you covered.  Our direction is much more clear 🙂


2016 Brand Interesting Media Production

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