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Some Easy Tricks to Keep Your Website Seen

Website Traffic

Although paid advertising and digital marketing campaigns can heavily boost your website traffic, there are a few easy and cost-free ways of gaining more site visits.

Site Speed

It's an element of web design that we've certainly talked about before and it can be the one that undoes all your hard work when trying to optimize your website. You could be paying for a crack team of SEO and SEM specialists but if your site speed isn't measuring up to Google's strict standards, it could all be for nothing. We've written a dedicated article on how you can enhance your site speed here.

Social Media

If you're taking your online presence seriously, you should be pairing your website with at least an Instagram and Facebook account. You can utilize these as free marketing tools to up your website traffic. We've also done a dedicated blog post on how to optimize your business Facebook page. 

Blog Posts

If you're reading this right now, it's working! Blog posts can help keep your website active in the eyes of Google when it's crawling suitable search results. It will also fill your site with more relevant content and increase the possibility of appearing in keyword searches through organic SEO...

Organic SEO

A good technique to use whilst building or refreshing your website is to think of what you're trying to say as well as what your audience might be searching for to find your services. There are many ways to do this yourself, for example, sites built with WordPress have the option of using plugins that let you write a page with the goal of satisfying Google SEO algorithms.

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