Keep Google Happy With Site Speed

A slow website can stop your digital marketing in its tracks

Website Speed

We all know how frustrating a slow loading website can be, but the consequences can be worse than some abandoned visits.

Stat Counter search engine

As you can see from the chart above, and it's been no secret, Google has held the monopoly on the internet search market for a long time. This means to keep the worlds largest search engine happy, you need to play by their rules.

The time it takes your website to load (site speed) can impact your search ranking and overall performance — think people abandoning your site because it just takes too long to load (bounce rate). If your site is really struggling to meet Google's expectations your digital marketing campaigns could perform poorly or your landing page or website could get rejected entirely.

Google Page Speed Insights

There's never a one-click fix to the issue of site speed but there is a convenient and user-friendly way to see what Google thinks of your site speed. Visit Google's PageSpeed Insights and enter your website URL (including https://) and analyze. Your site will then be given a score out of 100 for desktop and mobile experiences along with some reporting and useful tips.

It's highly recommended to follow these tips to try and keep Google happy, but be prepared for some to work well and some not so much. Also, Google is always changing the goalposts to ensure users have the most streamlined experience possible, so it's never a set and forget fix. A year ago websites would've received an 80/100 score, now those sites are seeing 16/100 scores. Google states that they make around 500-600 changes per year and that they make changes almost every day. 

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