7 Things To Know About Snapchat’s New Advertising Opportunities

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Snapchat is ready to monetize its 150 million daily users by integrating more advertising capabilities into its platform.

Updates that you should know about include:

1. Ads Between Stories

When auto-advancing from one Story to the next, advertisements will sometimes be inserted. However, they’ll never appear in the middle of a Story, and ads won’t appear every time you auto-advance.

2. Expandable “Snap Ads”

If you’re interested in a particular ad, you can simply swipe up to install a promoted app, see a long-form video, get directed to a mobile site, or view an article (similar to Instant Articles in Facebook) formatted specifically for Snapchat’s platform.

3. Ads API

With a new Application Programming Interface (API), advertisers have the opportunity to invest time and money in larger campaigns, rather than only having the option of completing manual purchases through Snapchat.

4. Ad Review

To ensure users are not inundated with ads detracting from their experience, Snapchat says it will review each ad submission for quality prior to running them, as well as managing ad load and preventing users from advertising bombardment.

5. Snapchat Ad Measurement

Snapchat is introducing performance measurement of ads to help brands better understand which ones are most successful, and worth spending more money on. Advertisers will be able to utilize the new measurement partnerships which include Moat, Nielsen Mobile, Digital Ad Ratings, and Google DoubleClick.

6. Statistics

According to Snapchat data, the engagement rate on its new suite is 5x higher than the average click-through rate when compared to other social platforms. MediaScience studies also revealed that ads on Snapchat receive twice as much visual attention than Facebook ads, 1.5 times as much as Instagram ads, and 1.3 times as much as YouTube ads.

Snapchat will aim to leverage its creative users by integrating advertisers into the content creation process, rather than what we’re typically used to seeing online with ads, many of which are forced upon us as an interruption (i.e. banner ads, pop-ups, and promoted stories).

From custom Geo Filters to Sponsored Lenses, these new ad unites make it easier for users to overlook the fact that a brand is paying to be a part of their creative process and peer-to-peer relationships.

For example, Taco Bell’s national ad campaign on Snapchat racked up 224 million views (you might have seen your friends turn their face into a giant taco), and Gatorade’s Snapchat Lens received 165 million views (via TechCrunch).

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