3 things to check – google analytics



Below is a quick 3 things to check list for beginners of using google analytics that we hope you find useful.

  1. Check who your audience is – who is looking at your content on your site. Google analytics provides a lot of information on age, gender, location, interests, browsers and what type of device they are using.


  1. Take a look at what social media platforms are working for you. Click all Traffic and then Channels.  Make sure you amend the dates that you want to evaluate.  Click social to see the results.  The results are ordered in most active platform to least.


  1. After you have analysed the demographics and looked at what referral traffic you are obtaining, you may wish to do some tests. You may want to increase your referral traffic from Facebook and knowing that you have an increase when you post about a particular topic, you may wish to try a different topic.


If you’re not sure how to read your google analytics or not sure if yours is set up, please make contact with us and we can help you out.

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