2015 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon


The Salon is Europe’s main event for caravanning & camping from massive sized off-road Motorhomes to small camping items.Spread over ten days the event will accommodate some 160,000 visitors.

Opening Day for us was Friday August 28, the ‘trade day’ where caravan & camping organisers & product suppliers from around the world meet importers and exporters & discuss new items and place orders and renew contacts & contracts. The site consists of  11 Halls and over 1900 recreational vehicles and thousands of caravanning & camping products.

JCA staff have attended this event previously however this year it seems there is even more product on display. The event space is such a magnificent well ordered site it would make any Australian government council envious. We would encourage any and all local city councils to travel to the site to see first hand just how good it is.

The manufacturers’ stands are all tastefully designed & uncluttered. The isle space for visitors are wide & easy to travel through.

Tastefully designed & uncluttered stands
Tastefully designed & uncluttered stands

IMG_4843.JPG IMG_4844.JPG IMG_4845.JPG IMG_4846.JPG

Saturday August 29 is the opening day for the public. Couples, families are in attendance. For an Aussie, it is somewhat unusual to see people at a mainly indoors event, strolling the isles with their dogs! Yes dogs are permitted. Some dog owners bring along their dogs in ‘dog strollers’!

It seems to work for them as we did not see any ‘mess’ or hear a lot of barking.

An dog owner attending the 2015 Caravan Salon with his dog stroller.
An dog owner attending the 2015 Caravan Salon with his dog stroller.

We attended the opening conference where German dignitaries and government persons spoke, I must learn to speak German as I hardly understood a word of what they were saying. In any case most of those at the conference were happy with each speech and applauded all who spoke.

On Sunday August 30 it was another beautiful warm day with good attendance. The Salon is so easy to attend by public transport, buses, trams & trains travel into the site every several minutes. Dusseldorf advertises the Caravan Salon throughout the city on street banners and it seems to appear on every video screen in every hotel in the city.

If you’re into caravanning and camping and are in Europe late August or early September we would encourage you to attend the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon it is truly a spectacular event.



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