2 Day Photo & Film Shoot


John Cochrane Advertising was engaged for a 2 day photo and film shoot for one of our clients and we thought you might be interested in reading how the 2 days transpired.

DAY 1 of Shoot

Crew meets and assembles in the car park at 0700 hours for a briefing and what each of our roles are. The weather is perfect for filming. The client and myself meet the marketing manager of the OLD TOWN and explained what role each of us has.

IMG_3802 IMG_3805

Up first drone filming. Tow vehicles and ‘vans driving thru OLD TOWN and into the Fig tree area. We discuss the treatment, and shooting commences. On our second run through with the biggest caravan about 20 to 30 young children appear with a school teacher there at the location to discuss and take notes on the flora and fauna in the area.

This was not in our schedule! So we had to reconvene and head elsewhere and film until the school excursion was completed. We had a few further interruptions on the day but overall the results from the location of combined video and stills was excellent. The OLD TOWN has plenty of texture with buildings from a bygone era even down to an early 20th century train station transplanted from Petrie. Plus their majestic fig trees said to be 350 years old. If you’re looking for a photography & video shoot location, this place is worthwhile scoping out.

We wrapped at around 2.30pm and headed to Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Our aim is to shoot and get some great sunset shots over the water with the Glasshouse Mountains in the background. We arrived at around 3.30pm and positioned our caravans on the foreshore (Council Approval must be given) and set up for video, stills and drone. There were several spots we chose for lighting and backdrops. (including a Marina). As the Sun started to set we positioned a camera for time-lapse with 2 products being set up. In the meantime lots of stills were taken and spectacular drone footage. We wrapped soon after Sunset and reconvened the following morning for some Sunrise images.

DAY 2 of Shoot


The weather was overcast with drizzle and on the weather radar the Redcliffe Peninsula was the only spot where this was happening. Great Sunrises every where else! Plan be was to get lots of ground internal video and stills. We also had permission to film in the Scarborough Holiday Village caravan park adjacent from the foreshore of Jamieson Park and as the day progressed the weather got better.

The park is such a gem it has a great sense about it like comfort and friendliness. It’s super clean and in a great location.

We finished at the caravan park around midday and we head to Bribie Island, our intention was to film (stills and drone) the 2 caravans, the camper trailer and the campervan crossing the bridge from the mainland to the island and from the Island back to the mainland. Just before you get to the bridge is the Sandstone Point Hotel. The hotel has it’s own jetty and mooring pier (ex Brisbane River Walk) this would be a perfect spot to launch the drone from so we asked management if we could launch from there and they complied.


Our photographer would be positioned on the bridge for the stills and our drone operator on the jetty with several walkie talkies we co-ordinated our bridge runs with fantastic results. Once this was achieved we moved into Bribie Island . At this location we wanted to get some images of a couple of the rigs on the sandy track which leads 4WD only vehicles onto the beach, our idea was to reverse 2 of our rigs back into the track and our shots would look like they were returning from the beach. Around this area there are a lot of small trees and shrubbery which was great for extra stills and ground video. After a couple of hours of good light we were finished. On our way from Bribie the camera crew set up ahead of the rigs and shot vision of the the ‘vans and campervan leaving.

The 2 days for the shoot provided excellent stills and video for our client, our client is extremely happy with the results and will put them all to good use for upcoming promotions.

If you’re in need of any stills or drone photography, feel free to give us a call (07) 3284 0447.

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